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Environmental Policy

Natural Floors NW Ltd is involved with their major suppliers in the research, design and development, manufacture and marketing of natural flooring products.


Natural Floors NW Ltd has recognised the impact on the environment from its business activities and has been pro-actively addressing the issues of pollution and global warming by using natural materials in their products. It has introduced a range of strong measures to control and reduce the release of greenhouse gases from its business and will continue to develop new initiatives in the future.


Through its ‘’Green” strategy Natural Floors NW Ltd  is committed to reduce waste, use of only natural raw material, reducing CO2 emissions and increase the use of recycled material in our products.


Our  Green strategy has a specific criteria to ensure environmental performances at all their suppliers. The aim is to ensure all products are natural and ensure recycling throughout the production.


Our efforts to protect the environment are further demonstrated by our investment in a new businesses strategy designed to meet new environmental standards.


Natural Floors NW Ltd has set a objective of becoming environmentally advanced company by balancing business development with the protection of the environment.


Natural Floors NW Ltd is fully committed to conducting its business in an environmentally and socially conscious manner. We will take particular care of all the factors that affect the environment and aim to operate in a way that generates the lowest possible waste and greenhouse gases, not withstanding compliance with the legal requirements applicable to our business and products and exceed them wherever possible.


We will continue to operate in accordance within the requirements of ISO14001, Environmental Management System, and review annually our targets to demonstrate our commitment to continual environmental improvement.


We will put stronger emphasis on marketing products that are environmentally conscious. We will endeavour, within our limits, to influence environmental design features of new products for easier recycling and low energy consumption.


We will aim to conduct our business with a green attitude, focusing on eliminating or minimising any adverse impact on our natural environment.