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Brief guide to measuring your room

Simple Floor plan

Firstly, draw a simple sketch of the room. Using a tape measure, work out the length and width of the room, in metres and centimetres. Mark these onto your sketch.

Remember to measure from the widest part of the room, for example, from the back part of a door frame, making sure it passes under the door when closed, or either side of a fireplace.

We cannot guarantee an exact colour match on the same product on different roll widths. For example, do not buy a 4 metre width roll along with a 5 metre width roll.

For straight stairs:

Measure from the base of the bottom step, then along and up each step, until you reach the top of the staircase, i.e. where you want the flooring to reach.

f you are measuring on uncarpeted stairs, then please add 2.5cm to each step, plus 50cm overall, to allow for underlay.

For winding stairs:

As above, but measure the widest and longest part of each stair. Add 2.5cm to each stair to allow for underlay, plus 7.5cm on the width to allow for trimming.

Remember, if you want a raw edge at the side of each step, add an extra 5cm to the width so the carpet can be turned at the sides.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding measuring, and we'll get one of our expert fitters on hand to offer advice.