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We can supply most types of natural flooring we have always supplied and installed carpets and linoleum products but in the 1980's we expanded into natural fibre products and as a result of that move we now supply and install wood, bamboo,rubber and cork.

Natural Floors NW Ltd This is our new website and it works in conjunction with our old site which Kevin @innerform set up for us to learn how to build our own site. You can link to the old site Authentic Natural flooring on the link below.

Many of us find comfort in nature; feeling at home surrounded by the elemental quality of the natural materials that shape our world. Despite this natural, most homes are still furnished entirely in synthetic textiles.
Natural materials are used in all our floor coverings ranging from, sisal. coir, jute, rubber, mountain grass, seagrass, paper, wood, leather, wool, bamboo, hemp.
We are the UK’s No.1 supplier of natural flooring with over 30 years experience. A search of our products will provide a variety of natural sourced material which will blend into your work space or home. This is a truly natural alternative to synthetic carpeting which is dependent on the oil industry and has been a major polluter of areas across the world who concentrate on carpet manufacturing.
Sisal is a completely natural product and has been used throughout the ages to make rugs. The origins are visible in the ancient Egyptian culture. They took bulrushes from the Nile and wove them into mats. Sisal plants produce a fibre which is stronger than many other common fibres such as flax, hemp, and jute. The fibres of sisal natural floor coverings are often left un-dyed, so they take their colour from the plant from which they are made. They can be bleached to offer a lighter, more neutral look or be dyed.
Bamboo has long been used for flooring in Asian countries. It is environmentally friendly as it is fast growing and there is a constant, plentiful supply available. It can be harvested within two years of planting without killing the host plant.
Seagrass is the least expensive and the most versatile of the natural floor coverings. Seagrass comes from the coastal regions of China and India and is grown in paddy fields. These fields need a flooding of sea-water during its crop cycle. Seagrass carpets and rugs are relatively non-absorbent and hard. They are stain resistant and dirt is easily brushed loose from them. Seagrass have a non-porous surface that gives it a naturally smooth texture and sheen quality. Its rigidity gives it natural durability. Seagrass compliment a low dust, allergy free, naturally humid environment.
Coir is a by-product of the coconut industry, coming from the husks of the fruit after a harvest. When compared to peat, (the extraction of which can easily harm fragile bog habitats) coir is a more ecologically responsible choice.
Jute is one of the finest and softest of natural floor covering materials. It is made from the yarn derived from the fibrous stalks of the jute plant and woven into either a boucle or herringbone pattern. Jute is grown in China, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Because jute is so soft, it is ideal for bedroom floors, sitting rooms, Jute mats and prayer rugs are common in the East as are jute backed carpets.
Linoleum is produced from several natural products  the main constituents  are  wood flour and Limestone, these are mixed with linseed oil and rosin and colour pigments and then rolled onto a jute backing canvas. The product is made in several countries but the marmoleum  which is still made at the Nairn factory in Kirkcaldy is the type leader.
Rubber is obtained from trees which are not damaged by the process and does not produce pollution or consume resources. The innovative new flooring designs we supply protects the environment as it will reduce the need to use detergents, chemical agents, water and energy.
Wood: we supply a wide range of high quality solid and parquet woodblock floors. We include in our range products from reclaimed timber and all our suppliers manufacture from sustainable sources creating long lasting beautiful flooring.
Leather is a specialist floor covering sourced from recycled genuine leather which is strong and durable. Our product is cork backed adding comfort and warmth. We have a wide range of designs allowing the opportunity to have a sensuous floor covering.
Cork is a beautiful floor which is good for your health as well as the environment. Our supplier developed the range of products in the 1990s and use only renewable wind energy for their manufacturing energy needs since 2007.

With its great thermal and acoustical insulating properties, Cork tiles and flooring are suitable for floors and walls.