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In addition to supplying all your flooring needs, carpets, wood, linoleum etc. we can also supply the accessories required to complete the job & make it look a little bit special.

When it comes to installing your product, we go the extra mile.  

If you are having a Marmoleum floor fitted & want it to look a bit different, we can design you a unique pattern floor.

If you have been told you cannot have runners on your hall or landing because everyone only makes rectangular runners, well, we are not everyone, so we can make your runners to whatever shape you want.

When it comes to wooden floors, we don’t like quadrant, so after discussion with yourselves, we will try to undercut the skirting board, to give your new floor the appearance of being in since the house was built.  

If someone has told you something cannot be done, our first reaction will be, “let’s just think about that.” Occasionally we do have to admit defeat, but quite often we can carry out your wishes.

As well as fitting products we have supplied, we can also offer other services, such as repairs to existing floors & especially with wood floors, we are getting very good at finding close matches to existing floors when you have extended a room.